The donor bike was a 2015 KTM SMC R. However it had mutated into a semi-adventure bike set up that cloaked the true super motard nature of the machine.  The MAD solution was to create  a more focused and stealth-looking urban plaything. The engine and suspension setup for this punchy super motard is pretty much spot on to start with so this project focused largely on aesthetics albeit with a large custom project at the back.

From a design perspective this entailed stripping the multiptude of KTM-styled colours off and going dark across the entire frame, subframe and other metal components.  The mix of matt black and greeen always looks good on stunt cars and Paris Dakar trucks and it is as far as way from KTM colours as we could find. So that was perfect. 

Unknown-3 4.jpg

The off-road roots of the KTM are loudly announced by the large side mounted exhuast so this was the first item to be addressed. The Akraprovic end can was cast aside and the hunt began for something more suited to a centralised underseat position. The MV Agusta F4 has a very shapely four pipe OEM system and we have never seen one used on a super motard so this was an obvious choice. It was cut down and rewelded into a twin exit arrangement whilst new brackets and a connector pipe were fabricated. 


The entire bike was stripped and a large consigment of parts powder coated black. In the meantime a matt carbon fibre bodykit was matched up to a set of Alpina carbon mix wheels.

The seat is a custom leather and suede composition that was handstitched here in Saigon and mounted over the OEM foam base. 


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