The KTM RC390 is a great platform to work with. Used in anger the engine can be as buzzy as an 80’s two stroke but the OEM set up smothers this potential in a blanket of comfort.

Sketch-7 4.jpg

So we stripped this off and got to work.


The priority was handling. OEM suspension was ditched in favour of the race-bred set up from JRI. New cartridges for the forks and a remote reservoir out back firm the chassis up beautifully and make it far more composed when being thrown into corners.

Looking for performance the exhaust system was an obvious target. OEM is pitiful. Bolt on side exhausts tend to look ungainly but the gentlemen at TYGA produce a gorgeous underseat system that not only matches the lines of the bike but are absolutely raucous. That had to be paired with a heavily modified airbox and a Power Commander V.  Acceleration was deemed to be a higher priority than top speed so the sprockets were exchanged with -1 up front and +2 out back.

Once new set up was recalibrated the responsiveness of the fiesty 390 is impressive.

The split personality of the project demanded a sharper set of bodywork. The rear subframe was modified and the TYGA catalogue was raided again for the Cup race kit giving more aggressive lines than OEM. A liberal sprinking of carbon fibre panels plays to the race vibe and gives a visual contrast to the white elements in the frame and swingarm.

Road use requires lighting so custom rear LED strips were fabricated, a set of running lights from a Yamaha R1 installed up front and a set of Denali LED spots recessed under the shark nose. More quality metal work from TYGA was ordered up in the form of yokes, rear sets and levers and with a test tube substituted for the rear master cylinder the set up was almost complete.

Pro bolt parts.jpg

Now we have a barking MAD track tool that is equally happy banging up and down the gears around town.


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